Stand Up St. Joe!

Have you:

  1. Been unfairly fired from your job?
  2. Had a landlord withhold your deposit?
  3. Had an employer or boss withhold wages?
  4. Had a landlord refuse repairs?
  5. Forced into unsafe work conditions?

The St. Joseph Solidarity Network is organizing to become a volunteer network of working people who defend our rights through collective action and mutual support.  When a worker is unfairly fired we want to get them their job back.  When a landlord refuses to make repair we want to change his mind.  We are open to people of all ethnicity, creeds, sexual orientation, employed, unemployed, active and retired.

We are inspired by the overwhelmingly successful work of the Seattle Solidarity Network.  Read more about their success here.

We will be holding our first meeting Sunday, November 8th, 7 pm, at a location TBA.

Get Involved!

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